How StyleBOT Beautifies Virtual and Hybrid Events

When it comes to visual activations in hybrid and virtual events, StyleBOT must be mentioned! As the photo experience has piqued our interest, StyleBOT is a fixture on every red carpet during awards season in virtual and hybrid events.

What exactly is the StyleBOT? It’s a high-speed camera mounted on a robotic arm that shoots slow-motion footage of guests or celebrities living their best lives on the red carpet. It has the ability to make photographs beautiful and elegant to look at, whether in 2D or 3D form. With our very own program, we created and can create digital events that other event organizers have never done before in their previous events. Surely if you use our StyleBOT program, your immersively created activities will make your event the one that everyone will want to attend.

The StyleBOT program from Waveplay Interactive is based on the E! Glambot from the Grammy’s as popularized by Cole Walliser. We take this program’s equipment to all of our major and successful hybrid and virtual events in both local and international affairs.

Introducing Waveplay’s 360 Selfie and Slo Mo

Waveplay Interactive, a metaverse supplier in the Philippines, is always on the lookout for the most innovative and creative photo experiences.

The 360 Selfie and Slo Mo are our new products related to StyleBOT. This program equipment is like a robotic arm that controls the camera, circles the subject, and records the video, resulting in stunning results. It has a curved 180-degree camera structure that visualizes movement and captures matrix-style effects via a high-resolution camera.

Did you know?

Waveplay Interactive’s virtual events are the first in the Philippines to win Best Virtual Event Platform (attended by over 15,000 participants) at the 2021 Event Technology Awards UK and Bronze in the Best Virtual Experience Solutions category at the 11th Global EventEx Awards.

All Waveplay-powered event technology and microsites are browser-based and device-independent, whether you’re using iOS, Android, a PC, Mac, or tablet. Adjustable virtual photobooths, augmented reality, a networking lounge, interactive displays, video conferencing, motion games, swag bags, a scoreboard, live interactive games, and other interactive events are examples of activities similar to those seen at on-site events.

In-depth analytics are included in all virtual or digital events. And Waveplay Interactive is the only company that can do it perfectly! Please get in touch with us to learn how our StyleBOT experiences can help you create memorable content for your next immersive event.