How Hybrid Events Transform into Immersive Experiences

While augmented reality (AR) enhances the visual aspects of events, it creates immersive experiences that leave attendees spellbound. This has been proven through our recent project at Waveplay Interactive — the Custom Laser Gun Game. Learn the nature of this AR game and how it transforms into an immersive experience.

Laser Gun

Developed by Waveplay Interactive Inc. for the Red Group of Companies, the Custom Laser Gun Game is an augmented reality (AR) game designed for one of their hybrid events.  It’s a thrilling game that involves navigating through a maze with laser beams.

The Custom Laser Gun Game takes the classic laser tag concept and infuses it with augmented reality magic. The heart of the experience is a laser gun equipped with AR technology that transports players into an entirely new world. Participants traverse through a Laser Maze, clearing each level while using their laser guns to tag virtual targets. It uses infrared beams and sensors to simulate combat scenarios, making it safe and engaging.


The fusion of laser tag and AR creates an incredibly immersive experience. Players can see virtual enemies and obstacles through their AR headset (if there is one), and they have to physically move around the maze to dodge threats and take down their foes. The game is not just about shooting; it’s about strategy, quick reflexes, and teamwork.

It’s customizable!

What makes the “Laser Gun Game” project stand out is the level of customization. The Red Group of Companies worked closely with Waveplay Interactive Inc. to design the maze, create unique challenges, and even incorporate branding elements into the game. This customization aspect allows the laser gun game to seamlessly fit into the event’s theme and objectives, making it a powerful tool for brand activations.


This project has garnered attention for its innovative use of AR, gamification, and interactivity. It showcases how AR can be leveraged to create memorable and immersive experiences that engage and captivate attendees. It’s not just a game; it’s an unforgettable adventure!

AR: The Era for Hybrid Events

The “Custom Laser Gun Game” by Waveplay Interactive Inc. and the Red Group of Companies is a prime example of how AR can revolutionize event experiences. It makes the whole event more engaging, interactive, and memorable than ever before. Event technology is all about augmented reality; augmented reality is the new era for hybrid events.