How Hybrid and Virtual Events are Changing the Game

If you would ask any event manager about what’s trendy these days in the ever-busy event industry, they will talk about hybrid virtual events. Online and virtual events became an increasingly important and successful method of hosting events especially at times where in-person activities are limited due to social distancing. Online events and digital events have become the new go-to for companies and brands who are looking for ways in order to engage their customers despite the limitations of quarantine. 

First off, let us define what hybrid events are. These are meetings, events, conferences or trade shows that combine in person component with an online or digital component. The core of hybrid events are live stream sessions and virtual event experiences. What is the difference between a hybrid and a virtual event? While a hybrid event has in-person attendees, a virtual event takes place exclusively online.

What makes hybrid and virtual events advantageous? These will allow you to increase your reach and capture more attendees. Combining virtual elements to live events open a great deal of opportunities to increase engagement, both during and after the event itself. Another advantage of hybrid and virtual events is increased return of investment due to its scalability. You can have repeat runs and invite anyone, anywhere, with no geographic limitations. What you need for a successful hybrid and digital event is a good virtual events platform. 

The first homegrown virtual event platform launched in the Philippines is Webplay Virtual Events by Waveplay Interactive. This platform has been utilized by some of the biggest brands and companies for product launches, grocery expos, medical conferences, brand events, business conventions, exhibits, showrooms, virtual booths, and many more. Webplay Virtual Events was able to successfully host online conventions with up to 15,000 concurrent users, a testament to its stability, accessibility, and power.

Webplay Virtual Events is entirely a browser ­based experience without the need to install any applications. It is intuitive and easy to use and can be navigated using different devices such as laptops, tablets, IOS and even Android phones. It is fully customizable depending on what your brand and company needs. It is fully immersive and interactive and is the most ideal way to give your participants a unique online experience in this era of new normal. For you as a host, Webplay Virtual Events also gives full access and visibility into comprehensive reports and analytics which you can use to assess your event. Furthermore, this online platform has security access features to ensure the privacy of your participants.

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Advantages of Having a Hybrid Event in the Philippines

Hybrid platforms offer your event and your brand different ways to double the return of your investment. 

  • Reach a wider audience

Virtual and hybrid events are the most practical way of reaching a large audience across the globe. With the limitations imposed by the pandemic, some of your guests and participants from other parts of Asia may not be able to attend a physical event here in the Philippines, hence the importance of replicating it online. With a virtual event platform, you can ensure that everyone who has access to the internet can attend and can easily participate even in the comfort of their own homes. PH Digicon, one of the leading tech conventions in the Philippines succesfully hosted their own virtual event with Webplay Virtual Platform. Guests and participants from Singapore, Korea, Japan and  other countries were able to join with a simple click.

  • Cost-effective

A physical event requires you to book a venue, provide accommodation and spend on marketing. With virtual events, you can do away with these additional expenses. All you need is a virtual event platform that will assist with all of your needs, from registration to analytics. Without the need for travel, you can conveniently tap and invite global topnotch speakers. 

  • Better sponsorship opportunities 

Virtual event platforms like Webplay allow better engagement opportunities for your exhibitors and sponsors. They can connect with your participants virtually anytime and anywhere, and can showcase their services with ease. There are also more valuable and effective interactions. The reduced cost of virtual booths allows many sponsors to participate, which increases the value of the virtual event itself. 

  • Accessibility of contents

You may opt to keep your virtual sessions short and concise because your participants may be multitasking with other duties. With a virtual event platform, every content can be accessed on demand even after the live event which makes it more convenient for your attendees.