(VR) Virtual reality in the Philippines is slowly taking the front seat of technological advancements because it provides a great window to peek into a world created by codes and pixels. The technology, which is similar to the budding technology of augmented reality in the Philippines, revolves around the idea of putting you into a situation, location and moment without you physically being there. There are only 2 parts of the most common virtual reality consoles – the headgear and the program that you see. It basically gives you a 360 degree exposure into the computer generated world.

If you’re part of a rising condominium then the technology will really serve its purpose to give potential clients a unique virtual tour experience. You would probably convince a prospective client to sign on the dotted line if you are able to let them experience living in their new home! You can design the whole program to represent a sample layout and interior design of the home and you can walk the person through it, too. And not only that, you can also add to the program the amenities and the features the future building will boast. You can have them stand basking under the sun at the poolside or inspire them to be fit and strong at the gym. When it comes to VR in the Philippines, Waveplay can help you in creating and implementing the concept and you can expect great and high quality results.

Here’s a demo video we put together to make things clearer: