GlamShot: The Next Advertising Trend in the Philippines

Brand competition these days is not limited to print ads, TV, and radio anymore. If you let your business rely solely on these traditional advertising media, then it won’t be no wonder if you’re eating the dust of your rival companies. If you want to stay on top, then you have to keep up.

On the other hand, if your brand has its own Facebook Page and other social media accounts, then that means you are on the second level of the competition already. Everybody is all over the internet, so reaching out to your target market has been made easier and cheaper with all these social media sites. The bad thing is your competitors have also long way discovered this technique so you don’t still rule your niche.

Be on the Top with GlamShot

Do you want to be ahead in the competition? Well, if you do, then it’s time that you discover the newest and rising digital trend—which soon would be the coolest marketing tool—and that is no other than GlamShot.

Now, GlamShot is this augmented reality videobooth taken to a greater height. If you think the 360 Selfie is cool, then this one is way cooler. This videobooth features kaleidoscopic backgrounds, creating glamorous effects for your shots. It’s like you are having your own music video or own modeling session.

This trend has taken large events on a higher ground of glamour. Guests can enjoy taking a moving selfie with customized backgrounds which showcases their best angles. This trend is now popular in celebrity parties and events, and your favorite stars have surely had their GlamShot selfies already.

Why It’s Effective for Marketing

Everybody wants to feel being a star, at least once in their life. Who can resist the brilliance of the spotlight? This need or desire can be your brand’s ticket to the top of the market. All you need is to be creative in investing in the right strategies.

How can GlamShot help you advertise your brand successfully, then?

  1. It makes your brand’s event catchier and more attractive.

If you’d throw a party for your brand, then nothing can be more appealing to your target clients than a new and one-of-a-kind experience. People are after fresh and mind-blowing ideas. Thus, if they’d find out that your event has this newest and hottest videobooth trend, then they’d surely not miss it.

  1. It is a social media magnet.

Since GlamShot is a new experience for most people, anyone who’d have their GlamShot selfies would not miss letting the world know about it—and they do it through social media. If you want to reach your target audience in a faster, cheaper, and more effective manner, then the power of the social media is what you need.

  1. It is a practical marketing solution.

With the availability of the social media, brands can now spend lesser money on paid ads. This advantage is also applicable to your business. Instead of paying much for TV and radio ads, you can save 50% by relying on social media to convey your message to the audience. With this, the rest of your marketing budget can be spent on improving your services or products.

Get GlamShot for Your Event

What are you waiting for? Be smart and take advantage of the GlamShot videobooth in your brand’s next big activity. Before your competitors discover this, be among the high-class companies to bring glamour to the highest level.