Experiential Events: Integrating StyleBOT to Photo Booth Experience

Do you like a nice photo booth? Well, who wouldn’t love it? Aside from being popular, it also gives total fun to the guests at any type of hybrid event. But did you know that there are a few things you can do to improve your photo booth experience?

Many event organizers tend to limit their choices in holding events for guests. As long as they know the highlight of the event, they will simply beautify it without adding a different taste to that certain activity.

For instance, background effects for photo booths are simple to design, build, and even buy. A personalized background will bring a sense of fun, individuality, and engagement to the guests’ photos. So, if you want to make your next photo booth experience even more memorable, integrate something unique, such as the StyleBOT.

Moreover, you can also consider adding a unique backdrop to your photo and video booth, such as your guest’s favorite TV show. Green screens are frequently used in film and video production to facilitate the incorporation of computer-generated graphics (CGI) into live-action footage. Also, it can be utilized to create personalized backdrops in photo booths. Using a green screen booth background, you can easily place yourself or your guests into any scene you can imagine. Plus, if you combine it with a StyleBOT taste, it will be glitzy and supercalifragilistic!

Photo Booth Ft. StyleBOT Designs

Waveplay Interactive, a metaverse supplier in the Philippines, offers StyleBOT services that visitors may find appealing. Because we live in a digitally connected society, most people are accustomed to unique and fun-grammable StyleBOT designs!

Inspired by the E! Glambot from the Grammy’s as popularized by Cole Walliser, the StyleBOT experience is ready to stylize your red-carpet events! StyleBOT made its debut at the Preview Ball, the Philippines’ biggest celebrity and fashion event, and is now ready to provide your guests with the ultimate red-carpet experience.

Isn’t this activity interesting for guests? You can learn more about what we can offer by looking at our StyleBOT activities and Photo Booth event ideas on our website page.

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