Do More and Be More with Interactive Augmented Reality Photo Booths

An important rule in marketing and advertising is to create a meaningful content for your audience and you can do this with the help of Augmented Reality (AR). AR transcends the boundary between the physical world and the digital world. It creates an experience that is personal to the audience, thereby creating an immediate connection between the brand and the participant. As technology continues to develop, you and your brand need to find innovative ways to gain visibility.  One way to do this is through the Augmented Reality (AR) Photobooths by Waveplay Interactive. Allow your customers to take photos and interact with your brand through a whole new different way. The following benefits of using AR Photo booths will provide insight on why it is the hottest craze in advertising nowadays.


  • Interactive experience. 


AR Photo Booth makes picture-taking more fun and exciting. Unlike the usual photobooths, there are no limits to AR. Your customers can actually try-on your products and go on an adventure with it by replacing the background and transporting them to tropical beaches, mountains and various places around the world. Take a look at Waveplay Interactive’s AR Photo Booth for Outdoors by SM wherein the customers were given the opportunity to have a very realistic outdoor adventure of enjoying the snow, hanging on a cliff, and balancing at a mountain top. It became a viral hit during the Outdoors by SM launch because of the instant share-worthy interaction customized according to the story of the brand.



  • Innovative image. 


Using Interactive Photo Video Booths by Waveplay Interactive is an effective way to attract users based on their interests. You can give your guests the opportunity to strike a pose with their favorite artists or your brand ambassadors and give them a very realistic result. Think of what captures your customers’ attention and focus on that in order to drive participation.  An example of this is Love Korea’s AR Photo Booth which allowed the audience to take a realistic photo with their favorite Korean artists, reenact an iconic scene from Goblin, and even pose like a military character reminiscent of K-Drama Descendants of the Sun.. Think of how your customers will go loco over this one of a kind of experience.



  • Customization.


With Interactive Photo and Video Booths, you can create from the scratch the elements that you want to incorporate in the output. With the help of motion detectors, your audience will be surrounded by virtual objects and animations to which they can interact with as if these were real. This is an artful and fun way for your customers to engage and connect with your band.


Waveplay Interactive from the Philippines also creates many other unique innovative interactive experiences such as customized motion games, 360 Selfie video booths, Holo Foto, GlamShot, Sound Games, Wall Alive, Sketch to Life, Touch Screen Activities, Bike Charger, and many more. You can visit their website for more details and inspiration for your upcoming event pitches.