Digital Marketing Trends

The COVID-19 lockdown is causing major economic impacts, but fortunately, our generation has one advantage nowadays and that is enhanced connectivity. We’ve already seen the rise of digital technology and these different platforms are being used by marketers and event organizers in order to reach the consumers. If you are interested in starting an online and virtual event for your brand, here are some ideas for you: 


  • Interactive content


There is nothing better than giving people the opportunity to connect with your brand via 360 videos, quizzes, and polls. Nowadays, it is important to bank on interactive virtual events than promoting with still images and simple videos.  What you need to do is to capture the attention of people and you can do that with interactive digital events like Waveplay Interactive’s Play and Learn ​(​). Not only is it engaging but is also shareable, which in turn increases brand awareness. 


  • AR filters


The trend nowadays is towards leveraging and enhancing customer experience and one way to do this is through using AR filters. AR filters are a fun way to increase brand awareness and engage with your audience. The custom filter can incorporate interactive elements and in this way, the users can interact with your brand in a fun and exciting way. Waveplay Interactive offers Instagram and Facebook AR filters to help you in this endeavor from blinking games to social snap with their favorite idols (


  • Virtual events


Large gatherings are not allowed nowadays but you can bring these events online. Brand and event organizers are resorting to virtual meet-up and use of streaming devices in order to connect. Virtual events are currently on the rise and in the Philippines, Webplay Virtual Events by Waveplay Interactive offers the most convenient tool for your next online event. This
is an online platform that provides everything you need from registration, video/live stream with
polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths, and virtual video booths, and even provides
your brand with custom-made interactive games that suit your campaign. Furthermore, this
browser-based experience has security access features to ensure only the invited guests can
enter if you opt in to be a private event.


  • Virtual puppets


Spice up your virtual events with fun and exciting virtual puppets. Incorporate these customizable 3D mascots to your live streams ad webinars in order to enhance interaction and interests. Contact Waveplay Interactive if you are interested in Live Virtual Puppets (  that can do wonders for your online events from answering questions, reacting to comments, hosting games, and engaging with people effectively.