Create a Souvenir out of StyleBOT Products from Waveplay

Did you know that you can create a personalized souvenir out of StyleBOT products from Waveplay Interactive? Yes, we made this possible!

You can create your own kind of souvenir with our StyleBOT project, depending on the design that your event demands. The following ideas for the Snap and Share feature might help you create a beautiful keepsake.

Snap and Share

Snap and Share by Waveplay Interactive is an integrated, fully equipped hybrid event platform that enables businesses to create tailored image and video experiences while providing participants with on-the-spot access to their pictures and videos via their phones, replete with social sharing capabilities.

With Snap and Share, you can create amazing and beautiful souvenirs that are all personalized. Check out how it will look.

Snap and Share: Featuring Stickers

Waveplay Interactive created a Snap and Share interactive photo booth where guests could add stickers to their photographs. It is up to the visitors to choose which stickers to apply to their images. They have a choice.

You may also design your own type of sticker. It might be a logo, a header banner, a photo, or anything else relevant to what you’re promoting. The only thing you need to do is consult with Waveplay Interactive regarding the artistic designs.

Snap and Share: Featuring the Celebrant or Sponsor

This souvenir is appropriate for anniversaries, birthday celebrations, alumni reunions, and business events. If you plan to hold a hybrid event specially designed for your business or market, like tradeshows, conferences, or product campaigns, this feature will be of great help.

Guests at the party or event venue can take photographs with the celebrant, sponsor, or event organizer without having him or them physically there! They may print souvenirs and generate copies of their picture on their phones thanks to this activity.

Snap and Share: Featuring Celebrities or Entertainers

After taking part in this Snap and Share activity, you will have a fresh perspective on photobombers! Guests will not just see the typical photobomber because the photobombers will be celebrities or entertainers that are present at the event!

The celebrity or entertainer will just stand in the background. Guests will likely become instant fans of the celebrity or entertainer at your event, and they will undoubtedly enjoy taking Snap and Share photographs with them.

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