Contactless Events: Why They are The Solution You Need

Online events may have successfully given solutions to marketers’ dilemma, but it is true that the need for something more interactive continues to rise. This gave birth to hybrid events, especially when the global health crisis started to decline in 2021. However, surges keep happening in the Philippines, so contactless events are being pushed to be the new norm. 

Yes, expect that touchless events will keep evolving to guarantee the safety of attendees. These usually come with strict socially aware regulations. Resorting to these kinds of events is the only way that marketers and organizations can pursue their activities without having to risk lives.  

Touchless Events Coming to Reality

Waveplay Interactive understands what the social world needs now. That is why we have come up with new apps that can be used in contactless events. Some of these are already in demand in the market. You have probably heard about the touchless Hybrid/Virtual Photobooth, or our Korean-inspired games, the Running Man and Red Light Green Light Games. These are just some of our top-rated apps. 

So, what are the other apps that can be used to promote successful contactless hybrid events? You can check out the following:

  1. Contactless Entry Apps

Many events are now using an app that allows participants to enter sessions with limited touch points. There are event apps, normally featuring in-app badges, that can be used to admit guests into online events. 

  1. Q&A Apps

There are also apps that allow discussions to smoothly flow in hybrid events. Apps for Q&As usually involve digitally recorded questions, and the participants can submit their answers from the phones. Or if they want to ask some questions, they can also send their queries and those will be flashed on huge display screens for the speakers to be answered. 

  1. Lead Retrieval Apps

Exhibitors do not need paper business cards anymore if they want to expand their networks during events. If they want to get quality leads, they just need to use lead retrieval apps. They can gather the contact details of the participants by just scanning a badge. Also, they can directly upload contacts to the marketing automation and client relationship management systems. 

Waveplay Can Help

If your concern is making your touchless events fun and interesting, you can also integrate contactless games, such as the Running Man and Red Light Green Light Games. Waveplay Interactive has other exciting apps that can make your hybrid events more interactive. 

Waveplay Interactive is a multi-awarded interactive display provider in the Philippines. Without conceit, all our products and services have been proven to be helpful to marketers, institutions, and businesses during this global health crisis. In fact, we have been awarded as the “Best Event Platform” at London’s Event Technology Awards 2021.

So, if you want to level up how you conduct hybrid events, just contact us. We can also give you more ideas on how you can create contactless or touchless events to ensure the safety of your participants.