Coke Studio Virtual Zone

The Coke Studio Virtual Concert has always been an anticipated event year after year with some of the Philippines’ favorite OPM artists jamming to their fans’ favorite songs. With social distancing measures in place, Coke Studio created a “virtual tambayan” featuring virtual pocket activities and Instagrammable stations where fans can gather and experience everything Coke Studio.

Studiofy lets fans take photos and be transported right at the Coke Studio Virtual Zone environment with the option to choose from different background options.

Moodloop allows you to shoot your very own Coke Studio boomerang, swipe to change up the filters and add stickers to customize your Moodloop outputs.

Spot the Stuff is a 360 game that challenges you to look for all the hidden Coke related items within the given time.

Feelsboard is a place where fans can do their shoutouts.

Relive all the Coke Studio episodes with OnDemand while waiting for the concert hall to open.

The Coke Studio Virtual Zone was custom built using the Webplay Virtual Events platform by Waveplay Interactive, designed to be fast loading, seamless, and gadget neutral.

Creatives and Livestream by AntSavvy.

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