Bring your Event Online with Webplay Virtual Events

Trade shows, conferences, conventions and exhibits are big events that happen globally and have become vital across all sectors of the economy. Such events offer valuable networking opportunities for businesses and participants alike. However, the more pressing question is how do we emulate this experience in the virtual world? The answer lies in virtual events. 

Recently, big online events have been concluded successfully like the

to name a few. One common denominator for all these events is that they utilize Webplay Virtual Events as a virtual event platform. This is the first homegrown virtual event platform launched in the Philippines which has been utilized by the biggest brands and companies for product launches, grocery expos, medical conferences, brand events, business conventions, exhibits, showrooms, virtual booths, and many more. Webplay Virtual Events was able to successfully host online conventions with up to an impressive 15,000 concurrent users, a testament to it’s value.

Webplay Virtual Events is your one-stop shop. You can bring events to life with seamless registration, marketing, content management and so much more. From fully branded registration and portal experience to a 360 panoramic lobby, video/livestream with polling and Q&A, virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, and even custommade interactive games, you can deliver a world class virtual event experience to your participants. With live video chats, chat boxes and meeting rooms, you can allow your attendees to forge stronger connections and networks. Apart from this, Webplay Virtual Events also allows the functionality for setting up virtual exhibit halls.

A Webplay Virtual Event is entirely a browser-based experience without the need to install any applications. It is intuitive and easy to use and can be navigated using different devices such as laptops, tablets, IOS and even Android phones. It is fully customizable depending on what your brand and company needs. It is fully immersive and interactive and is the most ideal way to give your participants a unique online experience in this era of the new normal. For you as a host, Webplay Virtual Events also gives full access and visibility into comprehensive reports and analytics which you can use to assess your event. Furthermore, this online platform has security access features to ensure the privacy of your participants.

Not all virtual events are created equal, some are suitable for small group meetings while others can be used as a platform for bigger events. When looking for the right kind of virtual event, things to consider include the size of your event, the number of sessions, the number of participants and the engagement features that you would like to have. Save time and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a fully integrated virtual event platform with Webplay Virtual Events by Waveplay Interactive