Bring AR to you Online Events

Events are becoming more and more innovative and the goal nowadays for brands and event organizers is to stand out especially during this pandemic. One way to do this is by introducing augmented reality (AR) in your virtual campaigns. The overarching theme of augmented reality for events is to differentiate your brand from the rest of your competitors even in the online world.

AR gives the ability to put the digital into the real world and transform how brands can interact with consumers in their everyday life. A company’s best way to experiment with technology is to use opportunities that have a measurable impact even in the online world. Augmented reality is a must-have for your brand and next event so we at Waveplay Interactive have created the best tools for you.

From the innovations of Waveplay Interactive comes Webplay AR, a web‐based augmented reality tool you can use for your virtual events. With Webplay AR, you can deliver an invite, present your product, create interactive games and many more.  It is a convenient tool because there are no apps needed to be downloaded. With just a click, your audience will be directed to an AR experience that is one of a kind. The good thing about Webplay AR is that it works on different devices from laptops, tablets, iOS and Android so your target market can access augmented reality experiences anytime, anywhere. You can use it as a standalone engager or as one of the activities in your own custom virtual event space.

With Webplay AR, you can create virtual mascots like Webby and foster a unique and innovative way of engaging your audience. You can use it to scan parts of your actual product and deliver content in a unique way, to bringing the brand’s mascot onto the user’s surroundings wherever they are, or deliver a 3D invite, the possibilities are endless. 

Through these ways, you can make sure that you are able to capture the attention of your target market but at the same time, deliver the content you would want to as if it was in the real-life settings. 

Apart from web based augmented reality like Webplay AR, you can also take advantage of Instagram and Facebook app’s augmented reality filters. From AR quizzes, photo ops, games, and ideas that can become viral, the possibilities are endless.


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