Augmented Reality: Bridging the Hamilton World to Hamilfans PH

As a metaverse supplier in the Philippines, our team at Waveplay Interactive blends the physical and digital world through our exceptional augmented reality (AR) technologies. Our recent project with AR is the captivating Hamilton Holo Foto, an exceptional experience for Hamilfans in the Philippines.

Waveplay Interactive has consistently pushed the boundaries of interactive event technologies, earning a reputation as a leading metaverse supplier in the Philippines. Our commitment to making brand visions a reality is exemplified through our diverse range of interactive photo booths, each meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs and identities of different brands.

We have worked with different brands and companies here in the Philippines. Moreover, we have worked with PowerMac (Giant Scratch Card and Tic Tac Throw), Cream O (Motion Canvas and Interactive Floor), Colgate (Motion Game), and Hamilton (Holo Foto), which is now still operating as of writing (Updated: November 2023).

Hamilton Holo Foto

Hamilton Holo Foto is a magical blend of technology that allows fans of the iconic musical to step directly into the heart of the stage play. By leveraging augmented reality, Waveplay Interactive transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, creating an immersive experience that transcends the limitations of traditional event setups.


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Hamilton Holo Foto experience transports participants into the world of Alexander Hamilton and his contemporaries. This holo photo booth allows fans to not only witness but actively participate in the most iconic scenes from the musical. Whether posing with favorite characters or recreating unforgettable moments, attendees are enveloped in the magic of augmented reality.

As a metaverse supplier, we are committed to providing a tangible and lasting memento of immersive events. The AR technology used in this experiential event captures the entire encounter in stunning holographic photos. And these serve as the keepsakes of the audience.

The Significance of AR

The AR technologies used by Waveplay Interactive prove instrumental in elevating the overall experience of any type of event. The “Hamilton Holo Foto” stands as an example of how technology innovation can bridge worlds seamlessly through augmented reality with the palpable excitement of live events.

At Waveplay Interactive, we push the boundaries of event technology, resulting in the creation of unforgettable experiences like the “Hamilton Holo Foto.” As the metaverse continues to expand, Waveplay Interactive will never stop innovating augmented reality technology to transform events into immersive ones.