Business competitions have become tougher in the Philippines because of the accessibility of the latest technological innovations. Every business has its presence on social media like Facebook and Instagram so if you want your brand to top its niche, then it needs to be visible online. This is highly effective since most people are into social media—which makes reaching out to target customers easier.

Aside from social media presence, what are other effective advertising or marketing strategies that you can try to expand your business? What are the current trends that most consumers find interesting and attractive?

To help your brand become customer-magnet, try these 7 marketing tips.


Give freebies.

No one can resist freebies! If you want to pull more customers to your shop, then you need to find out what giveaways can be appealing to your target market. For instance, if your target customers are teenage girls, then trendy accessories like earrings or bracelets will do.

So that your business would not lose profit because of this gimmick, you can limit the freebies to the first 5 or 10 customers, or they can be given away for a specific worth of purchase.


Feature a customer of the day.

Another tactic you can use is featuring a special customer each day. Who does not want to be popular anyway? You can set a specific guideline for this, like who comes in the most fashionable, or whoever buys the most items from a particular product.

The featured customer of the day can be posted on your business’ social media accounts. You should also prepare a special award or prize for the chosen ones.


Host an event.

Another way to market your brand is by gaining public exposure. One effective way to do this is by hosting or sponsoring an event. Find out which activity can draw more people in like a dance showdown, a battle of the bands, or a fun run.

If your resources permit, you can invite a celebrity to attract more people. You can also do the activity to raise money for a cause, like for cancer patients or an orphanage.


Give rewards for referrals.

You can also encourage your loyal customers to invite their friends and families to your shop or services. You can offer certain rewards for successful referrals so that they will actively invite. For example, those who get to bring in 5 buyers can get a freebie or discount.

Just think of exciting prizes that will really encourage your present customers to sell your business to the people they know.


Take advantage of the latest trends.

Another effective way to gain more customers is finding out the current trends that are attracting people. For example, if you have an event, you can set up a GlamShot videobooth—which is the main attraction in celebrities’ parties these days. Photobooths are so old-school so you better not think about having it in your event.

You can research about the other latest trends nowadays. With creativity and hard work you can surely pull your marketing style off.


Make Your Business Big

Do not be satisfied with the current state of your business—dream of making it big. With a little research and a little imagination, there are many things you can do to attract more customers. Of course, above all the marketing strategies, do not forget that the quality of your products or services is what matters most.