Recharge your team with the best partner for any team building in the Philippines!

Waveplay Interactive has been in the game for years now and has proven themselves to be a forefront in creating hyperactive, memorable and downright fun. They are able to create a tangible version of that awesome idea stuck in your head and it will surely be such a hit to the team. Whatever your plan is for your team building, Waveplay can make it better, specially when using our noteworthy use of interactive technologies and augmented reality in the Philippines. And here’s a few reason why.


Waveplay Interactive is a versatile service provider that is able to create not only fun and immersive experiences, but also convert unique ideas into actual output. Team building in the Philippines is not only limited to outdoor activities and with the added unpredictability of the tropical climate, indoor ones are great. With Waveplay on your side, you can convert any indoor space into a team building spectacle. Planning on catering to a HUGE number of people? We can help you with that with the use of custom motion game that uses our Waveplay Group Motion Gaming technology.


While there are classic methods in rekindling the embers of the team spirit, why not go for something one of a kind, especially made (not templated) for your team building in the Philippines? It will surely imprint those fun moments into the souls of your co-workers. Who wouldn’t remember waving their hands up in the air in perfect unison aiming to win the game, have a swanky interactive photo op with anybody or anything, or use your voice and chants to control another interactive activity perhaps? The possibilities are endless, we wouldn’t want to limit your creativity!


We crave team spirit. It’s not because we don’t have it but rather we fell in love with it. Seeing people enjoying the moment they start to work together with other people is such a great feeling that we can’t help but give it all we’ve got whenever Waveplay Interactive gets tapped to create activities for their team building. So we know what you’re looking for and we have a lot of it.

Waveplay has a lot to offer to anyone who’s planning team building activities. Want our biggest tip? Mix it up! Don’t group together people from the same department, rather have them team up with people they have hardly seen or talked to. That’s where the fun truly begins.