3 Fun Virtual Activities for Hybrid Events in the Philippines

With the new normal, hybrid events in the Philippines continue to rise. More companies, organizations, and even schools choose to adopt this trend. It is expected that soon, this will be a common norm for any event in the country. 

Virtual and hybrid events are becoming in demand, so there is a need to upgrade the creative technology behind this. That is why Waveplay Interactive, the top interactive display provider in the Philippines, never stops creating fun and engaging apps that these events can use. In fact, this 2021 alone, we have introduced new trends, such as the Hybrid/Virtual photobooth, Red Light Green Light Game, and the Running Man Game.

Engaging Activities to Include in Your Hybrid Event

If you are still clueless about making your upcoming event exciting and unforgettable, why not consider Waveplay Interactive’s available games and other virtual/hybrid products?

The abovementioned apps are highly interactive, so it is not surprising that clients want them in their events. Therefore, you should check them out too. They can be the best activities for your event. Here are some facts about them:

  1. Hybrid/Virtual Photo Booth- This photo booth allows your event’s attendees to take virtual or on-site photos. The good thing about this app is it uses touchless technology—perfect for keeping guests safe. They can use it by scanning a QR code with their phone. It also lets them shoot photos, Boomerang, or GIFs. Plus, they can select their stickers and frames and change backgrounds.
  2. Red Light Green Light Game– This is a Squid Game-inspired game. The players will participate in one of the series’ popular games, with the goal to beat the line first. The touchless multiplayer interactive game can also serve as a souvenir station.
  3. Running Man Game– This fully customizable game allows guests to participate in a virtual race. The Running Man Game can be participated by one to four players. They have to compete against each other by just running in place as fast as they can. They will be playing on running pads, which have sensors detecting their movements. The first player to complete the race wins.

Waveplay Interactive has other virtual activities that event organizers can integrate into their events. Their creative technology will also continue to develop new trends that can improve the guest experience in hybrid events in the Philippines.

Check Out Other Virtual/Hybrid Events

Are you a novice at organizing an event in the new normal setup? If you are planning for an upcoming hybrid or virtual event, you should collaborate with the most trusted interactive display provider in the Philippines. Just visit and explore Waveplay Interactive’s website and social media to discover their available services.

You can also contact us to find out which among our products can be the best for your event. We can give you ideas and recommendations to make your event a big hit. These past two years, we have helped produce successful virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines. Call or message Waveplay Interactive today!