Making noise is all the rage in the online industry this 2015. Marketing has gone to a whole new level, as end consumers have become more into the user experience before making brands a part of their everyday lives. So yes, how should you take advantage of this ongoing online trend?

Well, the first quarter of 2015 is already at its height, and by now we already have a feel of what the online marketing scenario will look like for the rest of the year. If you’re gearing up for a powerhouse plan to conquer the internet, then here are the top-rated online marketing strategies to use:

1. Content rules!

How can you defy the reigning power of content? Of course, you can’t-no matter how dependent you have been on the links and rankings practiced over the years. Content continues to rule, and now you have more freedom to explore since content not only comes in the form of boring text, but also in images with captions (yes, the memes!), or with accompanying videos to make the topic more animated.

The key to killer content, however, boils down to providing useful and creative information to your target audience. In short, don’t get them bored. That’s all there is to it.

2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality has hit the online marketing scoreboard back in 2014, as it bridges the gap between online and actual user experience. And mind you, today’s audiences crave for experiences-memories that have touched all their senses.

A lot of brands today have been using AR to provide a more interactive user experience to their target consumers. Through AR, you can add not just your brand name but, more importantly, the kind of experience that you want your audiences to feel each time the use your product or service.

3. Mobile flexibility

Have you just noticed that everything on the internet has just got its own mobile version? It’s because today’s online users have adapted to the mobile lifestyle, thanks to smartphones and tablets. You can ride on with the bandwagon and reap profits from it by creating a mobile-friendly version of your site, or get hold of custom apps that promote your services (and other extra features you’d like your audience to make use of).

Establishing a mobile presence helps a lot in many aspects especially now in 2015. You get to capture a market right on their fingertips since they bring your brand anywhere they go.

4. Visual storytelling

One strong prediction that is surely coming to life this 2015 is visual storytelling. Everyone’s crazy about videos these days, and you have to match that level of ecstasy too. So share your story by creating a video about it then share it everywhere, from YouTube to Facebook to just about everywhere else.

Visual storytelling is projected to be very effective especially to the 15-35 age groups. This is because this audience is more in tune with the eye candy, and is more enticed to go through the details based on what they see, hear and feel. Besides, the animated appeal allows them to follow your brand because you show them how to do it.

5. Long vs. short copy

Did we say that content still rules this 2015? Yes, and this is why you also have to invest on crisp and quality sales copy. Reports are saying that Google is becoming more focused on the content rather than the links when it comes to page rankings, so it’s high time to write your best copy and make it live on your sales page.

What makes long copy more effective? Well, with a long copy you are able to showcase everything that you offer to your target audience, this time with the support of the search engines. If you fare well in the page rankings, the more credible your site becomes, and the more confident your audiences will be as they go through your copy. At the end of the day, you’d see them hitting the dollar sign and the profits will come crashing in.

6. Capitalize personal experience

Capitalizing on personal experience is an age-old advertising technique that is often brushed aside. However, with the readily available technology and the trends that spawn out of emotions and speculations, it has become a great way to advertise by capitalizing on personal experience. Give your audience the voice so they can speak up their minds. Let the world know about your products and services straight from your avid fans! Let them do the advertising on your behalf!

A lot of brands have been using this strategy, not only because they want to add a personal touch to their offers, but more importantly, this method makes their name and business more credible. Imagine, your customers are vocal about vouching for your brand and business!

When sharing personal experiences of your customers, it is important that you get their consent, and if they are willing, invite them to share a video about how they love your brand and business. That will definitely boost up your marketing tactics and at the same time give your brand a fresh look.

7. Targeted ads

If you intend to continue investing on social media advertising, then going for targeted ads remains the best way to go. Studies show that targeted ads fare better in getting an organic audience (by up to 66%) compared to non-targeted ads. This is because you hit on audiences that relate directly to your brand and business, and where they can immediately reach you, compared to a mass-based, anything goes ad campaign.

Sure, targeted ads can be more expensive and tedious since they base your audience on specific filters, but they are surely worth the investment. Not only do they lead you to the customers you’re looking for-they also allow you to give these potential customers extra value than what they want from your brand and business.

8. Content contribution

Content contribution serves as the syndication art of content marketing. No, we’re not talking about traditional syndication. Rather, we’re looking towards you spreading your content to other sites and blogs. It has been a golden rule in content marketing for you to share the word about your brand and business so that you can build a strong network of online supporters consisting of other reputable names in your chosen niche.

Content contribution gives you the opportunity to be heard, especially when you have creative insights that you want to share and sell. You can offer to do guest posting, or have an interview conducted by a blogger, and share it on each other’s sites and spread them in social networks.

Why does content contribution work? Let’s put it this way: you’re building credibility, seeking support from everyone else who has already done better than you as far as PR is concerned. Now with their help, you get to touch base with your target audience in a casual but convincing manner. You do not stress them with your hardcore selling, but rather make them see the best of what you have to offer in a rather informative and useful approach.

9. Infographics galore!

Who doesn’t love the eye candy? Today’s audiences crave for images and other visual effects, and they want everything (almost) to be laid on their screen for them to consume. So why not give them what they want using an infographic?

Infographics tell the story not just about your brand but also how you want your audience to enjoy your goods and services. They are light and entertaining on the eyes, not to mention fun to share especially when they offer useful tips and advice.

When working on infographics, make sure that you have an equally creative designer to do the job. A cool design does the trick from the graphics to the fonts and even the background textures. And yes, be sure to relay the message that you want to convey in short but sweet sentences for easy pickup and recall.

10. Online display ads

Lastly, online display ads such as banner ads remain to be the conventional way to get through the online marketing wars this 2015. Among many other things, banner ads are flexible and can be placed anywhere all you have to do is provide a design that works.

The primordial tip for online display ads is that they have to be catchy, but not flimsy. Make sure that when launching this type of ad campaign, you know where and how to place these ads so that your target customers will click on them and not get rid of them.

And yes, if you’re going for online display ads, make sure to integrate them with mobile ad campaigns too-this killer combo expands your reach since you also target the mobile users’ market.